Couples Course

How To Have A Passionate Marriage

In the Step-By-Step Couples Course, we'll work together to master communication, handle conflict, and experience passion. 

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How can I get started?

If you are committed to creating an amazing, life-long relationship and are ready to begin, with support...

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What are Tracy's clients saying?

What kind of support will I get?

The program includes everything you need to succeed:

  • Training Videos: Clear and easy-to-follow online course to take action on right away
  • Tools & Resources: All the checklists, assessments, pdfs, worksheets and everything you need to reach your goals
  • Private Group Coaching: Weekly Zoom calls to ask all your questions (+replays) 
  • Client Community: Connect with Tracy and others for additional help
  • Private Message Channel with Tracy: Direct help if you get stuck (in the first 6 months).
  • Private Coaching Sessions: 4 - 45 minute sessions to bring you to the next level (in the first 6 months).
  • Discounted Private Coaching: Work privately with Tracy in discounted coaching calls if additional support is needed or desired
  • Lifetime access: Get all the resources and updates for life (min 4 years)
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All The Tools You Need To Create a Passionate Marriage

Welcome to the all new Step-by-Step Couples Course Program.

To receive this substantial discount and additional help as a Founding member;

  1. You are ready to begin now.
  2. You have watched the intro videos at the top of this page.
  3. You have met with Tracy on a 15 minute video call to ask questions.
  4. You will provide feedback about your experience in the program and permit Tracy to share this feedback publicly.
  5. You understand that this program is being loaded onto the digital platform and understand that patience will be appreciated as any glitches are worked out. 


As promised in the course welcome, you will also receive a $50 bonus for referring couples who sign up for this course.  They will also receive a discount on the course.

Couples Course Program


  • Online Course
  • Private Client Community
  • Private Group Coaching
  • 4 Private Couples Coaching Sessions
  • 6 Months Direct Message Support with Tracy

You learn a lot....

When you are together for three and a half decades, you make a lot of mistakes, but more importantly, you learn a lot of lessons!  You learn to manage finances, navigate the tumultuous waters of parenting, balance work with life, understand each other's family, holidays, traditions. Recently, we have even learned how to live and love well during a pandemic and utterly chaotic socio-cultural life. But the one thing, the one thing that separates this relationship from all of your other relationships, is the way you navigate intimacy.  And when you get the intimacy right, it makes everything else so much easier.  

That's what we hope for you in this program, that you will learn to ease frustrations, work together more smoothly and love each other like you love no one else!  In doing so, you will heal your past, love your present and look forward to your future. Being grounded in secure love means you don't have to carry heavy emotional weight and if you have children, neither do they.